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Metal Clock Card Rack (Standard/Wide)

Metal Clock Card Rack (Standard/Wide)

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  • Dimensions: 915mm (H), 123mm (W), 54mm (D)
  • Card size: Min 175mm (H) - Max 95mm (w)
  • No. of slots: 25
  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Metal

This card rack has 25 Slots (one per clock card). Which is suitable for cards with a maximum width of 95mm and a minimum height of 175mm, this is to ensure the top of the card can been seen.

The cards will not overlap totally, they are spaced to appear above each other.

Rack dimension 915mm, (H) 123mm, (W) 54mm (D). 

Easy to fit - with keyhole style fitting.

One rack for IN and one rack for OUT, useful for a fire roll call and to ease queuing.

Fire Roll Call

It is traditional to fit one rack for ‘IN’ and a corresponding one for ‘OUT’. The racks are enabled to be ‘soft’ fitted so they can be removed in emergency.

That way, in case of fire, you can remove the ‘IN’ racks, hold a fire roll call and make a proper audit of who is left in the building. This may help satisfy the Fire Officer and your own health and safety rules.

Compatible Clock Cards

105718 Clock Cards AC5700 Clock Cards MC99 Clock Cards
106000 Clock Cards CC107 Clock Cards QR 375 Clock Cards
106456 Clock Cards CM-730 Clock Cards REF 350 Clock Cards
106532 Clock Cards DAM Clock Cards VN Clock Cards
106583 Clock Cards DR375 Clock Cards TCQR375/475 Clock Cards
375/475 Clock Cards DW525 Clock Cards SM7250 Clock Cards
5006 Clock Cards EX30M Clock Cards S-W Clock Cards
87121-UK1 Clock Cards M2 Clock Cards
  • Material:
  • No. of slots:
  • Card size:
    Min 175mm (H) - Max 95mm (w)
  • Colour:
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